PS3 Gitbrew Takes Off for a While

One of the main goals of the Gitbrew project was to bring back what Sony has disrespectfully removed from the majority of PlayStation 3 owners,
OtherOS. We have successfully completed that goal with the release of OtherOS++ and since that time we have carried out a
great deal of research resulting in progress unheard of in the “PS3 Scene” since Sony’s lawsuits against Graf and Geobot.
OtherOS++ Project is the culmination of work done by Glevand and Gitbrew, building on top of open source work released by Graf.
Linux/BSD has extensive capabilities in the field of research and development making it a powerful tool to peruse and employ the console to its full use.
Without Graf, we never would have completed this project. Here is to Graf, thank you for your courage in the fight for Linux.

Gitbrew will suspend work for PS3 related projects until further notice. Individual developers working under Gitbrew will continue work as usual for whatever projects that may be in progress.
Gitbrew will continue to host our collection of mirrors, past and current projects as well as individual developer software. IRC server will stay active for otheros discussion and help (#otheros).
This does not mean all development has come to a halt; we have more releases planned for the future on other devices. We will also host an active community for homebrew developers of all systems.

Thanks to everyone in the scene that has contributed to our cause and special thanks to those who realize the information is out there waiting to be found. Our intention has been fulfilled.

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