PS3 Cobra USB Firmware 3.1 Released

Here is the quoted official announcement of issues that were addressed and fixed:
Cobra Firmware 3.1 is out, minor release to fix bugs*.
- Fixed stability problems. Cobra users are advised to update to this firmware as soon as possible.
- Fixed compatibility issue with Mortal Kombat
- Fixed PAL/NTSC issues in psx games.
- Bugfix: some few specific psx titles such as Langrisser Final Edition wouldn't play in other regions.
- Fixed a possible discless bug under very rare circumstances.
- Cobra USB Manager can now understand the ".001, .002, ..." name convention used by hjsplit and other similar programs and rename them automatically to ".0, .1", name convention. Users can use hjsplit or any other similar tool to split iso files in the PC.
- Added functionality to the core to implement a cobra firmware updater in the PS3

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