Dingoo OhBoy Released for Native: GBC/GB Emulator

A new version of OhBoy for Native Dingoo is available for download.

New release. Main changes since last pubic release:
Support for Ayla's full screen scaler
Menu improvements, e.g. control of key bindings. From Hi-Ban
IMPORTANT the menu key(s) have changed, slide the power button to enter the menu
Improved SD card support
New smaller font From Hi-Ban
More palettes From Hi-Ban
Support for more save slots From Hi-Ban
Enable/Disable FPS From Hi-Ban
Optional TTF support
Install anywhere with just the .app file (background and font file are optional)

For a change log check it out Here

There is caanoo support too BUT I don't have a Caanoo so I'm not personally making Caanoo builds.

As always I'm looking for help with the OhBoy wiki and for development/building releases.

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