PSP Daedalusx64 Alpha REV 713: Nintendo 64 Emulator

Rev 292 - Corn
[!] fix compile warnings
[!] fix clear option dialogs when not using exit confirmation
[-] remove unneeded variable for frame limiter
Rev 293 - [+] Added a blend to fix the waterfall in MRC
[+] Added a blend to fix the Text and HUD in Duke Nukem 64 (Could be dangerous)
Rev 294 - Bdacanay
[!] Fix for PHAT hanging with frame limiter enabled
[-] removed check for gVblsSinceFlip since it can't be zero at the division
Rev 295 - Salvy
[!] Use PeekBuffer instead of ReadBuffer for dialogs
[!] Only read input data when CONT_READ_CONTROLLER is set
[!] Skip dummy data in PIF
[!} Simplified ProcessCommand in PIF
[~] Small clean up in UIScreen

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