How to Easily QA Flag on Playstation 3 (Simple Tutorial)

This is for CFW 3.55 OtherOS++ Only.

First you will need to be on OFW 3.55
Then you will need to download the special OtherOS++ PUP.
After you flash and install from USB Storage device you will need to install the Easy QA Flag PKG.
Click the Program under the game category and you will here a few beeps. If not dump your debug messages via udp_printf on linux and send to us to fix. Restart the PS3 and you are officially QA Flagged.
Highlight Network Settings and press L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+Down DPAD
After it is finished you can install Kmeaw CFW from USB Storage Device Right over.

It will only work on CFW OtherOS++. Support for Others are coming soon.
Please Do not Install a floating around QA_Easy.pkg. It is claimed to brick consoles and is a fake release. Make sure its from Gitbrew.

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