How to PS3 QA Flag

This is a tutorial on how to QA Flag a PS3. QA Flag is quality assurance test and is now available for CFW Users.

Step 1) Install OtherOS++, install linux, make sure to enable the ps3 modules when compiling the kernel.

Step 2) Download, and compile the ps3dm utils

Step 3) Download my tokenator

Step 4) Dump your eid by running ./ps3dm_iim /dev/ps3dmproxy get_data 0x0>dump

Step 5) Set your flag by running ./ps3dm_um /dev/ps3dmproxy write_eprom 0x48C0A 0x00

Step 6) Open your dump in a hex editor and type in the first 16 bytes into tokenator

Step 7) Run the script it spits out

PS3 Step 8) Restart your ps3. Go to the Network Settings options and press L1 + L2 + L3 + R1 + R2 + D-Pad Down

Have fun. It doesn't work on rebug yet. There are other flags to set for debug firmwares and rebug is pseudo debug.

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