PS3 Virtua Tennis 4 Working on CFW 3.55

Virtua Tennis 4 is a 3.56 game and now has been able to be ran on CFW 3.55 with the help of editing the eboot.bin, editing the param.sfo and installing a simple Patch. I have packaged it up and is ready to download. This is confirmed working for me for Both BLUS/BLES because the BLUS version will be changed into a BLES Version by replacing the param.sfo. I recommend you put this game on internal.

Here is what you do:
Delete the Game Data if you have any
Delete the Eboot.bin and transfer the one provided.
Delete the Param.SFO and replace it with the one provided
Install the PKG (This is BLES00912 Patch that works on 3.41/3.55)

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