PS3 Multiman 2.00.05 for CFW 3.55 Kmeaw/Rebug No More WT & Base Versions

Today Dean releases a new update to his famous backup manager Multiman. It offers many new changes and features.

There will be no BASE packages from now on. There will be no more WT versions. All emulators, applications and multiMAN are compatible with FW 3.41 and 3.55 KMEAW/REBUG. People using WANINKOKO's firmware should either use "package_finalize" tool to process the installer or better switch to another firmware version. Don't moan! Online updates will still work for WN firmwares, as they are signed.

* Changed: Coverflow mode completely rewritten to use XMMB engine
* Changed: Coverflow shows covers in perspective
* Changed: Better memory management
* Changed: XMMB display mode visualization
* Changed: Caching only of Photo, Music and Retro XMMB columns with their actual size (faster boot and exit/restart) (16MB HDD space freed)
* Added: Option in XMMB Settings column "XMMB Game Icon Swap" to select mode for covers/icons for Game column
* Added: Options in XMMB Settings column "Key Repeat Delay" and "Key Repeat Speed"
* Added: Launch .zip ROMs from File Manager (from emulator folders or dev_hdd0 or dev_usb00* ./ROMS/[emulator])
* Added: Support for FBA Next emulator (port mods by squarepusher2)
* Fixed: PPU crashreport about MultiStream on exit (thanks to an0nymous for the backtrace log)
* Fixed: Minor issues when applying themes
* Fixed: Minor issues/garbage with boot screen on rare occasions
* Removed: Use of virtual memory

MP3/Audio related:
* Changed: MP3 playback requires 384KB of RAM (was 24MB before) and now MP3 file size is unlimited (4MB ram freed)
* Added: Fade-in / fade-out for mp3 playback
* Added: Indication of which mp3 title is currently playing/paused in XMMB mode
* Added: multiMAN mp3 playback will pause if you play music from PS3 XMB Music column
Extended support for BD Remote Controller:
* BD Remote: [ENTER] and [PLAY] keys will act as [X] (much easier to navigate)
* BD Remote: [PAUSE] will pause music playback
* BD Remote: [PREV]/[NEXT] will skip to previous/next audio track
* BD Remote: [STOP] will stop music playback

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