PS3 BattleTech The Crescent Hawks Inception DOS Game Port PKG V1.1

This is for CFW 3.55

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Battletech - the Crescent Hawk’s Inception (CHI) is the first of many computer games set in the Battletech universe. Based on the Battletech pen-and-paper tabletop game by FASA, CHI lets the player take command over a number of Battlemechs fighting other Battlemechs or infantry. If you would like to find out more about the pen-and-paper version, check this site out. Battlemechs are gigantic war-machines up to ten meters tall that supposedly cannot be destroyed by anything other than another Battlemech.

I left them so users can map their own settings. Launch the Virtual Keyboard. Click CTRL and F1.

- ICON0 was messed up
- I got mixed up with Inception and Revenge

- A Completed Request
- Initial Release
- Runs Very Smooth

Id like to Thank:
Robo Hobo for the Excellent Work he is doing keeping the Homebrew Alive.
Mr.GoodFrag for helping me create this.
Cyberskunk for an Excellent CFW aka Rebug.

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