PS3 Call of Duty Black Ops 1.10 Patch Contains 3.60+ Encryption

Today Call of Duty Black Ops has a update patch available making it only playable only for 3.6+ Users. Do not Update if you have CFW or a Jailbreak for 3.55/3.41.

Call of Duty Black Ops 1.10 Patch:
Security Updates.
New playlists - Flags and Bombs
C4 can no longer be warped to player carrying bomb in S&D and Sabotage.
Removed erroneous "Reset to Default" message when trying to load a DLC map you do not have.
In-game icons (care package icons, etc) no longer appear in the Create A Class menu.
Setting your console date in the future no longer causes inaccurate timestamps in Recent Players
Additional weapon balancing.
Ninja Pro Perk no longer makes sounds when mantling or diving to prone.

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