PS3 Duplex Group Claims to Have Found NPDRM Keys

Team/Group Duplex has released an information announcement that they have successfully conquered Sony's NPDRM Keys. This is one step closer to making newer 3.60+ games to run on CFW 3.55/3.41.

- D U P L E X -
Hunted The Demon's Forge 3.41 & 3.55 Patches

Date : 05/2011 Languages: En
Platform : PS3 Genre : Action
Release Info:
This release contains a custom pkg (much smaller) with updates making
the release work on both 3.55 and 3.41 !
In order to get this to work on 3.41 we had to decrypt
NPDRM on this one. Yes, NPDRM defeated :) (eboot.elf included as proof).
This package is meant to be for the DUPLEX release of course .. no silly
region dupes accepted ;) (first one wins, remember?)
As a bonus we also included a patch for people who legally bought the game
in the .us . You guys may take the blus patch plz.
install the corresponding .pkg , run game from latest multiman, let it
patch the sfo and go!
********** big shout out to ZHUGE **********
 Enjoy This Fine DUPLEX Release

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