PS3 Codename Rebug Needs a New Logo

Today Evilsperm posted on ps3crunch that he is in need of a new logo. If you are a designer take up the competition and post it here.

Quote (EvilSperm):
sup everyone,

We are in need of a new logo and are looking to all of you to create one.
This will be used for the main site and apps.
Also This will be used for the new coldboot.raf (the logo that shows when you boot the ps3).
Please post your logo in jpg format as well as the .psd

Remember this is a Competition and we will only be running it for a few hours so get to it!
The winner will get full credits for their artwork and a link to their site (if they so choose)


~Codename: Rebug Team

P.S. Please do not use copyrighted images :P

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