PS3 "Unknown" Group Threatens Attack on Newly Fixed PSN Dedicated to Graf_Chokolo

Quote (Unknown):
We wanted to contact Graf, first know that you have our support, we are a team that shall remain nameless, we never, ever made piracy network as is done in recent times . But in light of your circumstances we will review our principles we find scandalous the way Sony treats you, ready to send you to jail just for a misplaced pride and make an example.
Therefore to show our support, we set up a major hacking as a target with the PSN, so I just let you know that it is already playing, so to speak we already know which way to go to reach our goals, we just press a button. Mr Graf soon as you put one foot that we wish you not hear, we press to button in protest and support.
We will not explain how the PSN will be reached to avoid any protection, but know that the fault is and we know how to get there we just press the button to the famous work is already done, we a nice script for this.
To prevent piracy of the first PSN was a joke, here you will bury once and for all, already said goodbye to your shareholders, customers, developers already uncertain about you.
People who think defense argued injustice by crooks, Sony you dare tell your customers that they are now secure and that you have learned from, not but what nerve. We garantisons you have not seen anything yet, if Graf goes to jail you will wake up in hell, you can already put your PS Vita and future PS4 in the trash and opt out of the video game market.
Also note that we have more than one trick up our sleeve, and that we are talking the talk that we as the first step. We planned everything with the sole target Sony Playstation we scattered some do not like with Sony Pictures and others because he must focus on a branch or Sony Playstation for it to fall. As mentioned above we do not correct a predefined script to a button, but much everything is planned, but the first shot to the PSN will have to pass the old hacking the PSN for a damp squib.
You have gone too far now you must pay for the few principles that you have, we have and we’ll show you.
We will finish by saying that for the moment nothing is played, it is you who make the decision to start this or not. As we said to the thing that will be only too Graf is in prison, if it is not the case do not take this into account, but you are warned, hoping for you that your conscience is clean and you can sleep the night, personally we wonder how you made?

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