PS3 MMRetroCR V0.07 Beta 2 Released

Today CaptainCPS-X updated his tool MMRetroCR to V0.07 Beta 2. It allows you to manage and download Retro Covers for Roms when using Multiman.

v0.07 (beta 2) (6/16/2011)
- Fixed menu item 'Save As...', for some odd reason it was not working.
* Thanks to 'tonybologna' for the quick feedback.

- Automatic ROM scanning for supported systems.
- Support ROM recognition for: NES, SNES, Genesis, VBA (GB, GBC, GBA).
- ZIP verification when needed, ensuring it contains a valid ROM.
- Single ROM adding and removing from list.
- Individual cover assigment feature for each listed ROM.
- Ability to clear cover assigment for a selected ROM.
- PNG and JPG covers support.
- HQ Covers preview with proper Aspect Ratio calculation.
- Automatic renaming of cover images to match the ROM sets.
- Automatic generation of Covers .PKG files ready to be installed in the PS3 / MultiMan.
- Automatic generation of ROMs .PKG files ready to be installed in the PS3 / MultiMan.
- Project creation for each supported system.
- Project saving and loading.
- Detailed project information, with total ROMs, Covers and total size.
- ROM existence verification when opening projects.
- Shortcut keys for easier navigation and editing.
- Options to configure each specific job.
- Search / Filter of ROMs based on user text input.
- Browse / Manage cover images without using Windows shell.
- Unpack / decompress .PKG files without need of any external tool (ported from Fail0verflow GNU source)
- Configure Covers directories for the supported systems (SNES, GENESIS, NES, VBA)
- Search / Filter Covers list based on input text.
- Browse / Manage ROMs without using Windows shell.

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