PS3 CDG Player Released

Today Ole released CDG Player which plays MP3 and displays graphics stored in CDG Files.

simple file selector
mp3 and cdg playback

ps3 ready to run homebrew programs

CROSS - select a file or directory
CIRCLE - go to parent directory
SQUARE - exit the program

- initial release


Q: does it play CD disks ?
A: no, use a ripping program to convert your CD to audio tracks in mp3 format

Q: does it play OGG, WAV, etc. (your favourite audio format) ?
A: no, just mp3 format is supported (16 bit, stereo, 44100 or 48000 Hz) along with the cdg format

Q: does it support zipped files ?
A: no

Q: does it support microphone plugged in the ps3 ?
A: no, to amplify your voice you need an extra hardware (mixer)

Q: the program sucks, can you add more features ?
A: the source code is freely available, do it yourself

Credits and thanks:
minimp3 (
PyKaraoke (
psl1ght sdk team
PS3 homebrew scene

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