PS3 The Media Cabinet V1.5 with Star Wars Expansion With Password Crack

This version of the Media Cabinet and Construction Kit includes the PSD files and the ACTION files which will work in all versions of Adobe Photoshop CS. The Media Cabinet is a virtual shelving cabinet for multiMAN to represent and display your games, movies and music plus much more.

StarWars Expansion Pack:

A lot of the figurines included in this package are taken from my own personal collection which I started back in 1995, at present I have roughly 200 Film and game collectables which I have collected from around the world and am still adding new items every year. Most of the Star Wars figurines stand at 12-15inches and take up most of my (yes you guessed it) Media Cabinet for which The Media Cabinet was inspired. I photographed and edited most of the figurines within Photoshop and have made it my goal to make everything look as realistic as possible.


Updated with most current multiMAN version v2.00.04
XMB Icons Updated
Action script added for Photoframes
Action script added for Cup
Full 8x4 Construction Kit PSD
Options Legend & Multiman Logo Layered (F1 Prev/ System Menu/Exit/Next/Game Menu/Load)
Added extra frame pictures & case covers
Sackboy Shadow Corrected
8x4 Perspective Correction
Various other graphical improvements
Music Added to Main theme
2 PKG files, one ready made original theme and one Star Wars Edition

To obtain this package please make a minimum of a US $2.00 donation here: Click Here

Your PASSKEY will be sent within 24hours and all updates to the Media Cabinet and StarWars will be free after one donation up to v1.9. Please make sure you leave a message with your donation of where you would like the PASSKEY sent. - Thankyou.

Do Not Pay/Donate your money to receive homebrew. I understand if you want to support him but it should not be required. He is simply piggy backing off of Dean K's Multiman. 

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