PS3 PSMame 0.142 by Robo Hobo Released

Attached is a preview release of MAME 0.142. It's still a little rough around the edges, but it is usable. I hope to improve it greatly over the next couple of weeks, so please post any issues, feature requests, or complaints to the issue tracker on the google code page.

Due to the large file size a version run through package-finalize is not provided. If you use a CFW where this is required you will need to run it yourself. ( I will package it and reupload)

Install the psmame package onto your jailbroken PS3 using normal means.
By default all data paths for mame are located under /dev_hdd0/ROMS/mame_data.
ROMS themselves can be placed anywhere and their location chosen with the frontend. The recommended path is /dev_hdd0/ROMS/mame.
Default controls:
As of right now the only defined controls are R3 to open the MAME config menu, Select for coin, and Start for starting the game.
Further control changes can be made in the MAME config menu as needed.
Up to four controllers can be used at one time.

The frontend can display screenshots of games, these should be placed in /dev_hdd0/ROMS/mame_data/snaps. You can find a full set at progetto-SNAPS Snapshots

Under /dev_hdd0/ROMS/mame_data
hash: path to hash files
samples: path to samplesets
artwork: path to artwork files
ctrlr: path to controller definitions
ini: path to ini files
font: path to font files
cheat: path to cheat files
crosshair: path to crosshair files
snaps: path to screenshots for frontend

Under /dev_hdd0/game/MAME90000/USRDIR/data
cfg: directory to save configurations
nvram: directory to save nvram contents,
memcard: directory to save memory card contents
inp: directory to save input device logs
sta: directory to save states
snap: directory to save screenshots
diff: directory to save hard drive image difference files
comments: directory to save debugger comments

Known issues
When adding ROMs into your ROM dir, you must tell the frontend to rescan them. This can be done in the R3 menu.
The display currently only supports scaling by pixel aspect ratio. Future versions will support various aspect correction modes.
Changing video settings in the menu may crash MAME, they don't work anyway so don't bother.
Games which require a recompiler will not run.
Games which have high memory requirements will not run, the PS3 only has a little of 220MB of RAM available.
The default controls will need to be tweaked by the user.

Download Here - CFW 3.55

I did some Editing
- Changed ICON0.png
- Created a 3.41 Package
Download Here - CFW 3.41 Needs Testing

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