PS3 Maniac Mansion DOS Game Port PKG

This is for CFW 3.55

Maniac Mansion is a 1987 graphic adventure game developed and published by Lucasfilm Games. A comedy horror parody of B movies, the game's plot follows teenager Dave Miller as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend from the mansion of an evil mad scientist. The player uses a point-and-click control system to guide Dave and two of his friends through the mansion while avoiding its dangerous inhabitants while solving puzzles.

CONTROLS (Joystick):
Δ Triangle = Start
[] Square = Enter
DPad = Arrow Keys

Basically all you need is those simple controls.

How to play:
Maneuver the arrows to choose the action at the botton of the screen. When you first start you pick two characters and you get to play as them. You can switch between characters throughout the game at any time by clicking the action at the bottom.

Objective of the game:
Help Rescue Sandy from a mansion of an evil mad scientist.

- A Completed Request
- Initial Release
- Runs Very Smooth

Id like to Thank:
Robo Hobo for the Excellent Work he is doing keeping the Homebrew Alive.
Mr.GoodFrag for helping me create this.
Cyberskunk for an Excellent CFW aka Rebug.

Thanks Flushentitypacket:
To get Past the Nuke'M Alaram Security on the Second Floor Have a Look at the codes here

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