PS3 Multiman 2.00.04 Released: Many Fixes

Added: Threaded processing for various tasks (downloading covers, scanning, etc)
(no more GUI interruptions)
Added: XMMB mode will invoke download of missing covers, too
Added: Support for Genesis+ GX retro emulator (port by squarepusher2)
Added: Support for FCEUltra (NES/ULTRA) PS3 retro emulator (port by squarepusher2)
Added: Support for VBA PS3 retro emulator (GameBoy/GameBoy Advanced)
Added: Support for PNG covers for Retro column (408×408 max resolution) (408×180 for best results)
Added: L2+R2 will turn on screensaver mode (or put the PAD on a table/coach/sofa and press it down gently)
Added: Caching of the whole XMMB mode
Improved: XMMB Photo column display and navigation (no more image buffers release when full – a lot seamless now)
Improved: Navigation in XMMB is completely rewritten – now smooth and faster than original PS3 XMB
Improved: Increased image buffers (50 icons/covers) in XMMB (30 in prev versions)
Added: Unfolding effect up/down while loading XMMB columns
Added: Indication in XMMB mode when FTP service is used or background download is active
Added: Warning prompt when user leaves multiMAN with active FTP connections
Added: Screensaver Timeout option in XMMB Settings column (1-10 mins)
Added: Link to GBATemp website with Online User Manual by Cyan in XMMB WEB column
Added: FF/REW for Picture Viewer in XMMB mode (holding left/right or L1/R1)
Added: Support for 2048 entries per XMMB column
Added: Virtual memory used for certain tasks (like mp3 playback) to save real memory
Added: Asnynchroious loading of MP3 files for playback
Added: A bit more memory allocated to webbrowser and put it in separate container
Added: MP3 playlist support for 2048 entries (was 128)

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