PS3 PL3 Updated for Medal of Honor

JasonMckey has updated the PL3 payload with an important new feature. PL3 fixes the 80010019 error that MOH invokes (as well as other new games). MOH now works as intended, without any hacking and no need for the game update.

The fact that Medal of Honor is now working without the need of the game update, makes me think we were mislead by the news that 3.42 brought new EBOOT keys. Unless JasonMckey somehow dumped the keys and that is what he implemented (which seems highly unlikely). Instead it seems 80010019 is just an error that prevents version tampering with the PARAM.SFO by double checking a version in the EBOOT.BIN. However, please note this is just speculation based on JasonMckey’s twitter posts.

On another note, support for 3.41 Kiosk consoles was also recently added to PL3 by Mark Webber. Those of you with store/kiosk demo PS3 units can now join the jailbreaking party!

KaKaRoToKS: Just added a patch to PL3 that fixed 80010019 error of MOH... works with no update necessary now. Patched thx to @JasonMcKey

KaKaRoToKS: Added a new payload to PL3 which is equivalent to hermes's "patched mode". Now games compat should be 100%. MOH just works, no hacks needed.

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