v3.42 games working on Jailbroken PS3 consoles

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A few days ago one of our valued PSX-SCENE members Jonnnnny posted this short message:

Quote:Originally Posted by jonnnnnny
This is what i done i edited the param.sfo to 3.400 to stop the asking for update to come up. Then i replaced the eboot.bin with the one from castlevania loaded the game and updated the game and it loaded the game that was it. Not sure if any other games work though as only have john dailys

After much open discussion and trial and error by various forum members, it was confirmed and number of people were able to get John Daily's Golf working!

Now comes post #199 in this thread by Naydimme it seems Magunia07 over at Elotrolado has gotten a way to install and run the hot selling game Medal Of Honor!

YouTube - Medal Of Honor 3.41

Quote:Originally Posted by naydimme
The video shows real playing and the XMB with the install packages and the firmware version, just to show that's true.

The method is:

* Have Hermes V4 version
* Edit PARAM.SFO to ask for the 3.41 firmware.
* Copy the eboot from UFC 2010
* Install OManager 2.1, that will patch the game.
* This patch makes tha data game install in the external hd instead of internal.

Load the game and install the 1.01 patch of the game from internet, and then the game will ask you to install the game data, that will be in the external if we've loaded the patch.

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