PSP Twisted Download v4.0 for HBL users

Mu1der has just sent us word of his new Twisted Download v4.0. This PC utility has had a huge refresh and now sports an easier tab system for downloads. Updates to Twisted Download include a new auto checking feature, which checks for updated apps and homebrew. Plus many other changes as per the changelog below. This PC utility is for users running HBL, giving easy access to compatible downloads that will work on Half Byte Loader. Its a must for HBL users that don’t want to hunt around for hours looking for homebrew that will work with HBL. Great work Mu1der, keep it up!
Twisted Download v4.0 changelog:
-Rebuild from the ground up! With a all new tab system.
-Automatic checks the server for the latest list for Homebrews,Application and Emulators. What’s this mean?
-Now I can instance add more homebrews,Applicatons,Emulators to the list!
-Added More 6.20 Emulators to download.
-Added More 6.20 Homebrews to download.
-Added a section for Homebrews from 5.03 to 6.31.
-Added a section for Applications from 5.03 to 6.31.
-Added a section for Emulaotrs from 5.03 to 6.31.
-Added a section for Homebrews 6.31 to download.
-Added a section for Applicatons 6.31 to download.
-Added The lastest HBL Version ChangeLog. Automatic Updates.
-Added a section for Downloading HBL And/Or Help Installing.
-Program runs alot fasters and alot better!
-Fixed alot errors/bug that where in Twisted download v3.
-NOTE:Please add Twisted Download v4 to your firewall or this program will not work properly.

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