Dingoo Digital Site Possibly going down


Wanted to take this brief moment to make a small statement about my webstore and it's future once I already almost had to shut down the store due to medical bills but this is much worse.

I have had a total of $1500.00 US Dollars in charge backs from my credit card processor from customers in Brazil using stolen credit cards to buy the Caanoo and A-330.

Don't worry about current orders that are out I have stock or stock coming in to meet all orders to include the Caanoo pre-orders if you have one coming they will be here soon. They just cleared customs and are in route here and will be here tomorrow or Thursday once I get them I will start to ship the items out.

I feel like a beggar at this point but if you can find it in your hearts to send small donations to defray the costs and hopefully keep the webstore running so I can continue to support the communities I love and the products I love I would appreciate it very much.

If you feel like making a small donation you can make it via paypal.com to raymond_nickson@yahoo.com

Also from now on all purchases from Brazil are blocked sorry to have to do that but can't take the risks of having anymore charge backs. Thanks for your time and support.


Justin B

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