Greenpois0n RC4 Jailbreak IOS 4.1 Updates for IPT2g

UNTETHERED JAILBREAK FOR IPOD TOUCH 1g 2g 3g 4g IPhone 1g 2g 3g 4g Ipad 1g 2g
The quick history behind it was that they had developed Greenpois0n using the SHAtter exploit. They shared that exploit code with Geohot under the understanding that he would not release his jailbreak before they did. He did it anyway, but with his own code. That caused the team to have to scramble to rework the JB to use Geohot's exploit in order to avoid revealing two exploits to Apple, and allowing the company to patch both. Over the past few weeks, the team has been working to get each version out. First it was Windows, then Linux came a few days later and the Mac version is now available.

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