PSP 6.20 TN (HEN) now has 90% Homebrew support

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More good news via Total_Noob’s update blog and a new video to boot. His kernel exploiting 6.20 TN (HEN) now has 90% homebrew support. He’s making good progress, thanks to the help of Davee (ChickHEN R1 & R2 creator) The above video also gives us another glimpse of the HEN being run via HBL and running various homebrew games. This time its on a PSP-1000 aka PSP-Fat. Oh by the way Total_Noob, is still looking for a donor PSP Go as his current donor fell though. (His folks said no, lol!) So if you want to help out, get in touch with TN on the below link.
15 Oct 6.20 TN (HEN) update:
- ParitionCheck has a new structure, fixed (now you can load unpacked prxes), thanks to Davee!
- One patch of ModuleManager was not right, fixed (now you can run all homebrews), thanks to Davee!
- Added some systemctrl exports

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