PSP 6.20TN release by Christmas

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I just want to post this because it’s so awesome — 6.20 TN (HEN) — a kernel exploit for PSP firmware 6.20 from none other than Total_Noob! Can you believe it? I mean really, that’s awesome. And now Wololo can confirm it 100% legit and working on a PSP-3000. That’s even more awesome.

Again, real quick from the top — Total_Noob discovered a kernel exploit sometime ago, he’s advanced and has worked hard on it, and now “6.20 TN” (HEN) is nearing a release. What’s HEN do? HEN is a Homebrew Enabler (remember ChickHEN?) that stays active in PSP memory, which means you can launch homebrew without having to listen to those annoying Patapon creatures each time. Mind you — you do need the Patapon 2 Demo and HBL initially to exploit the kernel vulnerability. It’s like this: From a cold boot, your PSP being completely shut off — you first boot it, load Patapon (or Hot Shots), load HBL, and select HEN. You’re then brought back to the XMB. Now you can launch homebrew, anything and everything — the faster way, straight from the XMB. Your PSP can even go in and out of sleep mode and still you’re good. We can expect a release in November, I think. Before Christmas anyway.

source: psp-hacks

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