PSP kernel exploit 6.20TN

Breathing a little life back into the scene is Total_Noob, well known and respected PSP hacker / developer, who has claimed to discover a kernel exploit in PSP firmware 6.20. Yessir. Total_Noob is currently working on 6.20 TN, which behaves like HEN. Remember HEN? It’s a homebrew enabler unlike HBL. HEN remains active & resident in memory leaving you able to launch homebrew directly from the XMB after HEN’s initial execution, which appears to be done through HBL.

The video demos the kernel exploit; though it isn’t that clear. You can see Total_Noob executes something from an HBL menu and the screen flashes purple near the end. That purple flash indicates the exploit was successful. No mention of whether or not firmwares > 6.20 are exploitable by the same means.

This all seems very promising, and with a kernel exploit, the possibilities are nearly endless. Perhaps soon we’ll see fully hacked PSP-3000s and PSPgos! Total_Noob is aiming to release 6.20 TN before Christmas. So whatever you do — do not update past 6.20 — if you haven’t already.

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