Cydia: RemindMeLater

RemindMeLater. Its sole purpose in life is to increase the productivity of your procrastination efforts.

In other words, RemindMeLater adds a handy snooze button to your calendar events. And while it’s true that this feature is included in virtually every piece of calendar software known to man, this isn’t the first time that something so obvious has been left on Apple’s cutting room floor.

So how does it perform? Quite well I might add, but it’s not like we’re digging the English Channel, or painting a Picasso here. All that this tweak does is add a snooze button to your calendar reminders. Pressing that snooze button will give you an additional 5 minutes before the reminder pops up again. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

My only gripe with the tweak is its lack of settings. Upon downloading from Cydia, you’ll find an entry for RemindMeLater in your settings app. Sadly, you’ll be disappointed to see that it’s only a toggle to enable or disable the tweak. There are no settings to adjust the amount of time the snooze is valid for, or anything of that nature. Perhaps the developer is holding out on those features for a future update.

Other than that small gripe, the tweak works just as advertised, and I would think it should, considering it’ll slide $1.99 out of your pockets. And you better believe that there’s no snooze button for that.

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