PS3 Gameboy Color and Nintendo Emulator W.I.P

A member over at (Robo Hobo) has just announced that he's working on a port of the infamous nestopia and gambatte emus for the PS3 entertainment system.

To quote:
I've been working on ports of the emulators, Nestopia and Gambatte. I've linked the source and binaries to this post in hopes that someone can help me fix the audio buffering. Neither emulator is really ready for general use. Nestopia has no saving or zip support, gambatte does on the otherhand. Vsync is disabled in both to prevent audio issues. They should support any resolution and look pretty much the same, though 50hz modes probably don't work to well.

Please post any feedback, or audio fixes, so the emulators can be completed and full featured (hopefully soon).
Looks like he's looking for help from any devs that would like to lend a hand. Attached are the current WIP (work in progress) builds and source code.

Taken from the Read me file:

Supports Game Boy Mono and Game Boy Color
Supports zip
Press right stick to open menu, circle to exit menu
Opening menu causes sound problems
Press L3 + L1 to save state, L3 + R1 to load
All saves are placed in the game folder


No zip support
Not really ready for anything
Press right stick to exit
No saving or loading
Package uses same 'icon' as gambatte


VSync disabled to prevent sound issues
Sound buffer code sucks

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