PSP Mobile Assault V1.4.1

Mobile Assault is a homebrew coded by CodeTactics's Team, which is also available on iTouch / iPhone. In this game, take control by helicopter gunships and we must destroy the enemy vehicles to win the war. To help us, we have some weapons at our disposal: a machine gun and various types of missiles.
Mobile Assault 1.4.1 011A type of missile ...
The game offers us a total of twenty-one missions with different objectives: the destruction of a number of enemies, protecting allies push the enemy to allow your allies to run away ... We can also increase the performance of our vehicle by giving points earned during missions. Furthermore, a messaging system is available during missions. The messages sent by our commander informed on the progress of the mission, etc..
Mobile Assault 1.4.1 003
What's new in version 1.4.1?
  • Optimization of AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Fixed a bug with the iPhone version
  • Fixed a bug with the particles
Normally, this version should have provided the opportunity to create their own missions. However, the bug Iphone is embarrassing, the authors considered preferable to this version online soon.

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