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Here is what one might call the first XML custom firmware for PS3, PS3 Acid CFW.

After spending time doing tests with the PS3 firmware files, the author has managed to change some of them and release almost all options Debug.

He said it had substantially altered the RCO and XML.

But be careful what you do and especially do not update. All options for updates are normally blocked, but the author warns us because this is his first firmware. When in doubt, we advise you not to touch these options.


• Download PS3 firmware dump before anything else. This way you can replace those files with PS3 firmware CFW Acid. Do not copy the file contained in "Hacked PS3 FW files" on your USB drive folder dev_flash. Take care not to copy other files!

• Extract the contents of the file on your desktop dev_flash2.rar. Using the application xRegistryYou can edit your own custom firmware and turn on Debug.

• Copy the modified XReg on your PS3. Then you just load your firmware on your USB drive contents using Firm USB Loader.

PS3 Debug option enabled:

• Hax_Home/PS3_Game /
• Install PKG
• Check
• Lock
• Unlock
• Chancel Purchase
• Delate
• Update via HDD
• Update from Delate HDD
• Store Title Preview (Store)
• Store Title Preview (In Game)
• Import
• Export
• Quick Sign Up
• Performance Bar
• No Memory Limit
• Quick Preview
• Owner Information
• Fake HDD Size
• CORE Dump
• Game Debug

PS3 Hacks:

• Block Updates
• Block Online Updates
• Block Game Updates
• Unlocked Secret Debug Options
• Unlocked PSP Only (Now You Can Copy only PSP tiles On Any media)
• Unlocked PocketStation
• Unlocked PS2
• Unlocked System Driver PocketStation
• Unlocked System Driver PS2

GX-Mod warns you when to use these files. You are using this firmware at your own risk and in no case we could not be held liable for damages that your console might incur in case of mishandling.

Dowload Here

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