PSP 6.20TN (HEN) Is Real. (Video)

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Update 11th: A new video has been uploaded from Total_Noob, this time running some homebrew via his 6.20 TN HEN exploit. A PSP Go 6.20 TN HEN video is coming also…

After some hours of working I get the first homebrew running. The HEN only support 10% of homebrews, because NID translator isn’t done yet. I’ve borrowed a PSP GO by a friend, in the next demo you’ll see the HEN running on it;)
Coming soon!

Total_Noob wasn’t to thrilled it seems with a few users that claimed his video was a fake. We never stated that of course, coming from some as reputable like Total_Noob is highly doubtful. That he would fake something like this. The PSP scene as suffered enough fool’s and fakers. Team MAC anyone?

So in reply he has posted a new video of his kernel exploit in action. This time in better quality, HD even. From the 6.20 TN (HEN) demo 2 video we see that the exploit is run first in User Mode via the Half Byte loader exploit (HBL) of Wololo’s. The video clearly shows us HBL, Total_Noob then runs his HEN exploit from the HBL menu and the system reboots into an apparent HEN aka Homebrew Enabled environment.

We can draw a few conclusions from the video. Its a compiled to run via HBL and therefore is run via the HBL exploit. So its via a user mode exploit => kernel exploit. Very smart. We look forward to seeing more of this kernel exploit in action and updates. Total_Noob, your the man! +Respect!!


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