PSP Twisted Download For HBL v4.2

Twisted Download v4.2 has been released. More features have been added, like a launcher with HBL news and the option to check for updates. Minor bugs and any dead links that were in version 4 are now corrected. This PC utility is for users running HBL, giving easy access to compatible downloads that will work on Half Byte Loader. Its a must for HBL users that don’t want to hunt around for hours looking for homebrew that will work with HBL.

Twisted Download v4.2 changelog:
-Added a Launcher with Latest News for HBL and version.(Check Screenshot)
ded HBL R104 for all 6.30-6.31 OFW
-Added Bop it to Homebrews 6.20 list(Removed PSP Billiards)
-Fixed links that where Broken/Dead.
-Fixed some bugs.

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