PS3 Open Manager v1.16

Another quick update from moh.sakhaii — Open Manager v1.15. You’ll want to make use of this version if you’re now running Hermes v3. Otherwise stick to Open Manager 1.14.2. Why? Patched mode has been removed as it is no longer necessary with Hermes v3 in the picture.
Open Manager v1.15:

Removed “patch mode” as it is no longer needed with Hermes v3.
Open Manager v1.16:

patched mode returns and now works for hermes V3 and previous versions that include peek/poke calls (v > psgroove 1.1)
Notes: patched mode in hermes V3 is an aggressive mode for those of you who still have problems with hermes v3 normal mode, again do not use patched mode in normal games without issue or for normal operations like FTP/COPY.

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