PS3 PS3Tools GUI Edition V3.2 Released: EBOOT Re-signer

Today the developer by the name PSDEV brings us all a new updated version of PS3Tools GUI Edition. Check out the changelog and download below.

Quote (PSDEV):
- Added scetool section
- Show current keylist
- Decrypt EBOOT.BIN up to 3.60
- Decrypt and resign EBOOT.BIN automatically
- Fixed SFOREADER bug
- When ever you get a output it autp copys to clipboard
- Minor bug fixes through out program to make it run a little more fluently.

Just to elaborate some on the auto EBOOT.BIN re-signer, just put the 3.60 EBOOT.BIN in the root of folder run the tool it will decrypt it and 're-sign' it for use on lower Firmware.

Now if, or when keys for later Firmwares get released this tool does not need to be updated to use the feature, thanks to naehrwert way he has the scetool set you just replace the keys file with the updated info and run the program to decrypt higher FW SCE files.

A OPTIONAL donation can be sent to via Paypal. it's in no way, shape or form necessary to donate to use this or any of my software. Thanks

PS: We are in the middle of changing up the layout a little so bare with me while I do some fixes

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