As I watch the site grow I come up with new ideas. Currently I am busy at school for most of my day trying to find time in my day to blog the latest hacks and homebrew news I am working on a few things. Three day weekend madness.

- Android Application Final to soon release to android market once we raise 25 dollars. If you wish to donate my email is even if its a dollar it still helps.

- Completely revisted and revised PS3Hackstore to be worked on tommorow. Big button at all that good stuff. Download Homebrew straight from your PS3 and install packages without using a computer.

- Recently got some emails on making some Game maker tutorials on some codes figured id take up the challenge. I recently made a new page that will be available for everyone to see very soon.

- Iphone application to release on Cydia fairly soon.
Well expect to see some updates to the site. Please remember to like us on Facebook.

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