PS3 Triplane Turmoil DOS Game Port PKG

This is for CFW 3.55

Relive the war of the air as you play the ace of the British, Germans, Finnish or Japanese. Looping dog-fights and deft bombing runs will punish the enemy attack. Get four players together and you will be at it right through the night. There are also a load of challenging missions to keep you going for ages. The full game has been released for free, so grab the chance to play this classic.

I am leaving it so users can map their own controller settings.

- A Completed Request
- Minor Sound Issues
- Initial Release
- Runs Very Smooth

Id like to Thank:
Robo Hobo for the Excellent Work he is doing keeping the Homebrew Alive.
Mr.GoodFrag for helping me create this.
Cyberskunk for an Excellent CFW aka Rebug.

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