PSVita OpenCMA V2.7: Bypass CMA's Protection

Quote (Virtous Flame):
I believe that many people have found PSVita's the CMA (Playstation content management assistant) often refuse to work. CMA often an excuse to strike the following:
Not connected to the Internet
Not updated to the latest official firmware.

Sony did so in order to prevent cracking. Think about how hackers released tomorrow for a certain version of the PSV of the crackers. Sony can make your PSV in the CMA acceptance before the update can not connect to access any content.

openCMA can help you solve the problem.

Installation method:
If the CMA is running, turn off the CMA
Extract all files to the CMA installation directory
Run run.bat, (WIN7 user may need to run as administrator)
Re-run the CMA

psp2-updatelist.xml update files in disguise. If you really need to upgrade later, you can upgrade to temporarily rename this file before, but this update from the Internet. Or download the latest psp2-updatelist.xml to the CMA directory:

Fixed under the bat execution win7

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