PS3 Unofficial Showtime Media Player v3.3.379 Released

Today Redsquirrel87 updated his unofficial build of Andreas Oman's Showtime Media Player. Check out the changelog and download below.

- Minor fixes
- Add support for plural forms in i18n code
- Update Polish translation
- glw: Make sure the UI respects orientation of images also when doing alpha shaded borders
- glw: More clist wip
- Don't try to write to blobcache if file load fails
- Initial clist
- Make it possible to turn off the multilingual 'No media loaded'
- Mac: Map F4 -> Enable screen saver
- theme: Make the 'No media loaded' screen a bit funkier
- Use av_malloc() where we should
- Add support for imageset: URIs
- glw: Fix bug causing reload of images due to rescaling requirement to sometimes fail

How to Install:
1) Download the Pkg.
2) Transfer the Pkg to the Root of a USB Stick
3) Plug the USB into the PS3
4) Go to Game then Install Package Files
5) Click showtime.3.3.379.gb7d7c.Video.OLD-ICON0.pkg and then it will install to your XMB

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