PS3 Unofficial Showtime Media Player v3.3.366 Released

Today Redsquirrel87 updated his unofficial build of Andreas Oman's Showtime Media Player. Check out the changelog and download below.

- Autobuild fixes for ps3
- Updates for autobuild system
- glw: glt_url is always set, don't worry about anything else
- glw: Fix linked list corruption causing UI freeze
- Fix the broken 1088 -> 1080 fix
- Drop stray printf
- Fix bug causing incorrect rendering of text in GLW UI
- Add support for UTF-16 SRT
- Only consider SRT subs if rest of filename matches with movie filename.
- VDPAU: Use shaders for scaling instead of the VDPAU mixer

How to Install:
1) Download the Pkg.
2) Transfer the Pkg to the Root of a USB Stick
3) Plug the USB into the PS3
4) Go to Game then Install Package Files
5) Click showtime.3.3.366.g31176.Video.OLD-ICON0.pkg and then it will install to your XMB

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