PS3 Solar V3.1 Released

Quote (Condorstrike):
Hi guys, here's another update to Solar. Lots of things fixed and added, and more to come. Hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask.

- Fixed bug while removing USB drives "hot-pluging now works".
- Added more USB devices compatibility.
- Added more UI for mp3 player.
- Added Exit Dialog interface. "very fast and user friendly".
- Faster Loading to multiMAN and Browser.
- Fixed a memory bug.
- Fixed hang/crash if MP3s were not found.
- Added Message for Hot-plugging and End of Playlist.
- Increased Solar's boot time.
- Fixed Keytones, now single beeps, and removed for some keys.
- More code cleanup, and other things I can't remember.

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