PS3 Team AC1D Uncovers Truth Behind True Blue Dongle

Quote (Team Ac1D):
Team AC1D Uncovers how Current Games Work on lower Firmwares and why the TrueBlue Dongle is a Scam!
Finally, after a long period of a scene that got riddled and raped by money hungry dongle supplieres we uncover this big scam and show you how things like the TrueBlue dongle actually work. The Team behind the TrueBlue Dongle might not be as pleased as you, after the following lines, but they had it coming after charging us 60 or more Euros for a simple cheap USB stick that can’t really do anything other then loading backups.
First of all, non of the code the TrueBlue uses comes from the creators. All files used come directly from higher PS3 firmwares. This works by using plugins / sprx´s who are basically just drivers, from a higher ps3 firmware. To get games to work, you need to use the files from higher firmwares, that games require. Those plugins we are talking about, also have the decrypt information stored in them that the games use to work. Some of the newer sprx´s are compatible with older firmwares and can be used on older firmwares quiet easily. All you need to do is place them in the right folder and thats it. Of course this procedure doesn’t work with all the games quiet so easy, some of the 3.6+ games load right away, otheres need some fixing. This fixing is done by patching the sprx´s to work withthe lower firmware. Porting the drivers, so they can work with lower firmwares should be the easiest task.
Lets get back to the TrueBlue, basically all this DRM shit does is nothing. The stick holds some drivers, like i explained earlier in this post, and lets the system use them. The HyperVisior LV1 Patches are nothing more then redirections to the USB stick / DRM fake. The USB stick holds some dev_flash files, the system then uses. Its basically the same thing we did in the early stages of the Custom Firmware to load modified files quick and easy. So after knowing all this, this explains why the Team TrueBlue used DRM on their USB stick, simply to not let us see that they are really just scamming us. They are just charging us 60 or more Euros for a USB stick with the cheapest materials they could find and some (by now old) dev_flash files stored in it. It´s nothing more then a scam, they are basically charging you money for a small custom firmware, i would call it the biggest scam the ps3 scene has ever seen and we have seen alot. I’m sure that TeaM AC1Dwill empore more things and work on more in the future then the TrueBlue did in last months.
We love OpenSource and that’s why we share this information with you. This scam needs to be stopped and we should all join hands to finally put an end to all of this. Use this informationen and do what you have to do.
Our respect goes out to Kakaroto, grafchokolo, Hermes, Deank, JaiCraB, Jjolano, Stoker25, redsquirrel87, GeoHot, Condorstrike, Team Hades and everybody else we forgot to mention here.
F*ck you Team TrueBlue, thanks for scamming thousands of users and driving this scene into the ground by being money hungry assholes. Dont let yourself get fooled by these guys. Happy Hacking to everyone
– Team AC1D-

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