PS3 Redsquirrel87 Unofficial Showtime Media Player Final Build

Quote (RedSquirrel87):
Andreas Oman has done some important announcements:
An automatic build system is nearing completion
He will be leaving on a six week vacation and during that period he will not do any PS3 related development

This essentially will have two important consequences on these unofficial builds:

Obviously, if there will be no update to Showtime’s source code then there will be no need to compile new builds, so in the next 6 weeks you may not find new builds here.
When the automatic build system will be completed these builds will have no sense as it will allow to upgrade Showtime directly from your PS3.
For this reason, when the automatic build system will be complete, I’ll stop to release these Unofficial Builds here because you’ll can download them directly from the official site or indeed update Showtime directly from your PS3.

- Merge pull request #62 from wader/osx_fixes
- osx: spotlight: Assign ctype properly
- Fix uninitialized warning
- osx: spotify: Fix logic and cleanup configure arg
- Update Bulgarian translation
- Various fixes for libav 0.8
- Update German translation
- Update Italian translation

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