PS3 Fake Blu Ray Disc Content Creation

Quote (sandungas):
I had to make lot of experiments while documenting the SFO format in ps3devwiki and one of the funnyest ones from the beggining was additionall content in blue ray discs, the structures included in the .zip are exactly the same ones explained there ---> PARAM.SFO - PS3 Development Wiki

Are very easy to manage because are cleaned out of non-usefull parameters and restrictions, all icons contains the name of the folder, and texts explains the values of the SFO's and SFX's for a fast overall view of the structure, i think its minimized enought to be a standard

The first purpose to build this was to document all the possible values of CATEGORY, but i found is funny to play with them, and after the release of "CreatePS3EXTRA Tool by aldostools" i see other people likes to mod games contents... so here you have the manuall way for "old school" game mods fans

Additionally to PS3_EXTRA, there are other 2 more structures (PS3_CONTENT & PKGDIR) with different icons/behaviour/structure to play with

There is included a readme.txt with basic usage but feel free to make frankenstein experiments with it
Read Me:
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Blu-Ray fake discs by sandungas

These are "fake" Blu-Ray structures with the minimall parameters inside SFO's/SFX's and the needed HYBRID_FLAG's inside PS3_DISC.SFB
All the files are 100% hand made from scratch and tested, reduced to the minimall needed to work with the purpose of understand the structure and to document all valid CATEGORY values

All them can be mounted with any "backup manager" like a normal game, mixed with a real game to add content like patches, to make a video disc with all the chapters of a video serie, etc...
The other way to "play" with this is by experimenting different values and structures looking for "non standard" uses, using them in combination with other tweaks from cfw, etc... feel free to experiment

All the .replaceme files are dummyes (0kb) replace them with the correct file/name/format
All the names of the .txt files are explanatory of the contents of the SFO's/SFX's ... can be removed, but its not necesary, the system will ignore them

Fast use for experiments
1- Copy GAMEZ folder to the root of a USB pendrive (for fast use/experiments), or your externall HDD (if you want to keep it permanently)
2- Load them with any backup manager
3- Unload them
4- Unplug your pendrive, make your chages and go to line 2

How to include PS3_CONTENT in another game disc
1- Copy the folder PS3_CONTENT next to PS3_GAME in your game
2- add the HYBRID_FLAG "T" (to activate THEMEDIR) and/or "V" (to activate VIDEODIR) in PS3 DISC.SFB

How to include PKGDIR in another game disc
1- Copy the folder PKGDIR inside PS3_GAME in your game
2- Change the ATTRIBUTE flag to 00000200 of the PARAM.SFO inside PS3_GAME

How to include PS3_EXTRA in another game disc
1- Copy the folder PS3_EXTRA next to PS3_GAME in your game

| |--- PARAM.SFO <--- ATTRIBUTE (01000000), CATEGORY (TR), TITLE (Themes)
| |--- D000
| |--- DATA001.P3T
| |--- DATA002.P3T
|--- PARAM.SFO <--- ATTRIBUTE (01000000), CATEGORY (VR), TITLE (Videos)
|--- D001
| |--- PARAM.SFO <--- CATEGORY (VI), TITLE (Video 1)
| |--- DATA000.MP4
|--- D002
|--- PARAM.SFO <--- CATEGORY (VI), TITLE (Video 2)
|--- DATA000.MP4

|--- PS3_DISC.SFB <--- HYBRID_FLAG (g), TITLE_ID (0PKG00001)
|--- PS3_GAME
|--- PARAM.SFO <--- ATTRIBUTE (00000200), CATEGORY (DG)
|--- PARAM.SFO <--- ATTRIBUTE (0100000), CATEGORY (DP), TITLE (Packages)
|--- PKG01
| |--- PARAM.SFO <--- CATEGORY (IP), TITLE (Package 1)
|--- PKG02
|--- PARAM.SFO <--- CATEGORY (IP), TITLE (Package 2)

|--- PS3_DISC.SFB <--- HYBRID_FLAG (g), TITLE_ID (0EXT00001)
|--- PS3_GAME
|--- PS3_EXTRA
|--- PARAM.SFO <--- ATTRIBUTE (0100000), CATEGORY (XR), TITLE (Extras)
|--- D001
| |--- PARAM.SFX <--- CATEGORY (IP), TITLE (Package 1)
| |--- DATA000.PKG
|--- D002
| |--- PARAM.SFX <--- CATEGORY (IP), TITLE (Package 2)
| |--- DATA000.PKG
|--- D003
| |--- PARAM.SFX <--- CATEGORY (VI), TITLE (Video 1)
| |--- DATA000.MP4
|--- D004
| |--- PARAM.SFX <--- CATEGORY (VI), TITLE (Video 2)
| |--- DATA000.MP4
|--- D005
| |--- PARAM.SFX <--- CATEGORY (TI), TITLE (Theme 1)
| |--- DATA000.P3T
|--- D006
|--- PARAM.SFX <--- CATEGORY (TI), TITLE (Theme 2)
|--- DATA000.P3T

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