PS3 Open PS2 Loader By Coveman: Non-Backwards Compatible Models Support

Quote (Coveman):
I was a bit bored today, so I decided to optimize your tutorial a bit

- You don't need SWAP MAGIC
- You don't need any optical disc at all in your PS3
- Works on PS3 non-BC (tested on my SLIM)

I created an "Open PS2 Loader" ISO file, so you can just load it from Cobra Manager or multiMAN.

Just extract the .rar and transfer it to your internal HDD to /dev_hdd0/PS2ISO

I included the cover so you can either put it in /covers_retro/psx/SLES_806.08_COV.JPG or rename it to "Open PS2 Loader.jpg" and put it along side the ISO in PS2ISO folder.


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