PS3 Hidden System Menu Discovered

So i tried it and couldn’t get it working, i told him this much, whilst asking him to stop trolling me, then he told me to check PS3 Dev Wiki and i found this:
Go to Settings > System > System Information
Press simultaneously R1 + L1 + DPad Left + Square for a few seconds
Release those buttons then immediately press the start button (and keep it hold)

You can read more info here at
PS3 Dev Wiki( The above photo belongs to PS3 Dev Wiki and has nothing to do with my video)

Apparently he cryptically told me a few hours before it was on PS3 Dev Wiki, but im apparently too dumb and someone managed to decrypt before me, so all props go to him, he doesn’t want to be sourced, if you want to see who it is, follow the person i have been fighting with for over a week on Twitter O_O

Anyhow i hope this makes him happy that no more “fake” news is posted on Ps3HaX >.<

Finally, this was tested on my 4.0 OFW machine….

I forgot to thank PS3HaX member deroad for this information and for adding it to PS3 Dev Wiki, id also like to thank you for your contributions to both PS3 Dev Wiki and Vita Dev Wiki.

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