PS3 Solar v3.0 Released

Quote (Condorstrike):
Hi guys, here's another update to Solar. Lots of things added, and more to come. Hope you enjoy it

- Background music is now customizable "replace - -/dev_hdd0/game/CNDR00001/USRDIR/theme/bgm.mp3" with your own music
- Alphabetized mp3 directory.
- Added UI for mp3 player.
- Fixed music counters, now shows in seconds: "00:01" format and Total Playtime format: "4.5 minutes".
- Removed mp3 path from displayed name, looks cleaner.
- Fixed Volume controls, now up and down is seamless.
- Added current player status messages: playing, paused, error...etc.
- Added keynotes.
- Increased mp3 load times and stability.
- Improved fast forward and reverse functions.
- Increased 3D display frame-rates while playing music, needs some work in BGM mode.
- Lots of code cleanup, and other things I can't remember.

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