PSP Epic Sathe v0.3 Released

Quote (Bloodles):
Whoa, a full update in about one day, I guess it can be done

Epic Sathe is an epic stick figure fighting game. It includes characters I had created when I was little.
Now, with life breathed into them, go against all the odds and become the fighting champ!!!
-10 built in enemy slots (10 = max amount of enemies)
-8 manually coded levels (past that the computer generates enemies infinitely at random)

-SQUARE = punch
-TRIANGLE = guard
-CROSS = jump
-START = pause game (press select once paused to quit)
-R activate power

Known Bugs:
-items are not actually buyable yet
-user cannot upgrade player yet
-sometimes game freezes
-sprite glitches when going left

-added more character slots to be unlocked
-rearranged battle display
-edited title page
-edited ICON0
-added icon music
-changed prices for lives
-updated enemy AI
-added clouds
-fixed xmb crash bug
-fixed lives
-players can now use powerlevels (press R when power is full)
-updated menus
-programmed two more virtual enemy slots

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