PSP USB v2.1 Released: Use Functions While in USB Mode

In the PSP, game, plug-in that allows a USB connection at any time.
By connecting your PSP to your computer during the game, and you can manipulate the files in the Memory Stick.
PSP-3000 6.39 PRO-has confirmed that it works properly with B10. (I probably still work HEN · LCFW other.)
now support the use of non-VSH than v1.1.

How to Install:
1. Download the USB 1.2
2. Seplugins folder in the “AlwaysUSB.prx” to “ms0: / seplugins” to copy please.
3. The game.txt,
ms0: / seplugins / AlwaysUSB.prx 1
And please add.
4.’re Done!

How to use:
In situations where the plug is enabled, the USB connection is always enabled. (The screen does not display anything in particular.)
Even if you write the plug-in vsh.txt, this plugin does not work in XMB.
(It seems to work with POPS, cause under investigation.)

- The smaller stack size. If the XMB is to avoid creating a thread. (Stabilization of both works.)

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