PS3 DOS Game Development

I have decided to pick up where I had left off. I will be getting back to work on getting some more Dos games running on a Homebrew Enabled PS3.

Each Game will have an ICON0.png, PIC1.png and FULL Configured Working Keyboard and Joystick Controls. (I had made a mistake last time thinking that people actually own a USB Keyboard and know how to configure for themselfves.)

These Pkgs will only be working for 3.55 KMEAW/Rebug. If requested I can make it for 3.41 also.

If you have a game Request it using the Comments Below.

Ill try to get a system going to see if games Work 100%, Work But are slow or Don't work at all/Never will work.

Special Thanks goes to Robo Hobo and D0zs for making the build GUI

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